Translation service

Business documents
presentation materials, business letters, annual reports, handouts, reports, company brochures, product/service information

Legal documents
statutes, contracts, regulations, summons, family registers, certificates, etc.

Technical documents
manuals, catalogues, reports

newspaper/magazine/technical periodical articles


law, politics/economy, business, industrial engineering, medical/pharmaceutical, society, culture, sport, etc.

Language combinations
Dutch/English/German > Japanese
Japanese > Dutch (with native check)
For other combinations, please contact us.

A price will be quoted based on the following:
1. volume
2. level of difficulty
3. deadline

To have a quote for your project…
please let us know
1. the content of the document
2. volume (number of words/pages)
3. expected deadline
and let us inspect (a part of) the documents to provide you with a more accurate quotation.

It is helpful if you can answer the following questions:
4. What is the purpose of the translation - e.g. for internal or external use?
5. Do you have any specific requirements on style or the usage of words?
6. Does the translation need to follow the layout of the original document?
7. How will the document be provided to us – hardcopy or electronically?
8. In which format does the translation need to be delivered?